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We certainly appreciate you signing up to serve in the ministries of Momentum Church. If you could provide us some helpful information about yourself and what you think you may be able to contribute to a particular ministry by filling out the form below, we will review that information and get back to you to discuss it in greater detail.  

Why Serve?


Because God hardwired you to do so and because it will make you feel good. Seriously.


At Momentum, we believe every person is created by God with their very own sweet spot. What's a "sweet spot"?

Passion + Ability + Opportunity = Sweet Spot


The equation is simple. When you find something you really like to do and you do it well and you are given the opportunity to do it as often as you like - then you've just discovered your sweet spot. And there's nothing more fulfilling in life than to serve God and others in our sweet spot. As we serve, it gives us the feeling that we were born to do exactly this.

At Momentum, our philosophy on serving is straightforward: People should seek to only serve in their sweet spot. In short, we don't believe in the warm body philosophy, meaning if we have a spot open we'll just put anyone in it because they are willing. We love willing people, but we've found that there are no warm body positions available in the Kingdom of God. That's because God doesn't create warm body people. He creates every person with a particular set of abilities and passions for a specific purpose in life. Our job as a local church is to help people discover their purpose by providing serving opportunities where their passions and abilities converge.

For example, suppose someone has a real passion to sing on the worship team, but they don't have the ability. Allowing them to sing wouldn't be fair to them (or to those who had to listen). It's true; the Bible says that every person should sing to the Lord with all that's in them. However, it doesn't say we should give them a microphone and put them in front of the congregation. Just saying......

However, if another person is passionate about singing AND has the ability, we will go out of our way to open up an opportunity for them. One of Momentum's great passions is to help our members discover and serve in their sweet spot. It will fulfill their lives like nothing else and it will help Momentum further advance God's Kingdom. And when both of these things happen - then the most important aspect of all takes place - God receives the honor He so rightly deserves.

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