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At Momentum Church we love strong, godly women; and this church is full of them!

Within our church family are many women who exemplify what it means to be a true daughter of God: Women who know God's word and live it out each day with passion and intention; women who hold to deep convictions and are committed to fulfilling their God ordained role; and women who advance God’s kingdom through sharing the Gospel with unbelievers and then equipping those women to grow, serve, and reach out to others.

Our women’s ministry is designed to bring women of all ages and cultures together so that we can grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ and each other while impacting the world around us through our unique set of gifts and skills. Through small groups, events, and various ministry opportunities, Momentum Church connects women in transformational relationships and unites them with Jesus to impact our part of the world. 

Our goal is to build women of God by empowering them to:

  • Know God personally through the Scriptures and learn how to serve and obey Him more fully.

  • Grow as friends, wives, mothers, leaders and mentors who disciple others.

  • Serve by giving their talents, money and time to enhance God’s kingdom.

  • Be the salt of the earth and the light of the world by reflecting God’s glory onto others.

  • Form small groups or circles of sisters that enables them to unite and share with women of like passions and interests.

  • Strengthen their families by serving in the role only they can fulfill.

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